Film Restoration

Some golden classics deserve to be viewed today as well! But due to aging, the picture quality of these films has probably deteriorated with scratches, grains and other such marks. With the process of Digital restoration, the quality of these films can be restored and also upgraded ,to upto 4K, in many cases. The digital restoration process that we offer at Ultra includes manual frame-by-frame restoration in 4K/2K/HD using world-class technologies.

Latest and industry recognized hardwares and softwares like Diamant, PF Clean, Revival, Dust Buster, DVO are used by a team of experienced professionals to ensure the best possible output. Our team has worked on several prestigious national as well as international projects wherein we have restored more than 1000 movies nationally and internationally with nominations across various prestigious film festivals (in the restored classics section) including the Venice Film Festival. Multiple programs are run in a parallel fashion to perform a wide range of corrections on the film

  • Dust, Dirt & Scratch Removal
  • Advanced Grain ManagementImage Stabilization (if necessary)De-Warp
  • De-Spot, De-Stain, De-FogTri-Strip / YCM Recombine
  • Audio Clean-up from single-pass Hiss-Click-Pop removal to full Audio Restoration

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